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07 December 2009



Lord, lord....sounds like one of those Perfect Storm stretches when all you can do is breathe deep, step back, and try to smile at the situation through clenched teeth. Havent wallowed thru one of those for a couple months: overdue, I fear.

Actually, the bonfire sounds great. No smores ingredients here, but I dO have a
brand new bottle of Baileys. Ive been saving it til closer to Christmas, but your dilemma calls for fairly immediate relief.

bon courage, Steve



I remember years ago at UCLA being seated at the micromanipulators injecting DNA into mouse oocytes while listening to NPR, and hearing about research into microbes metabolizing crude oil and their possible uses for bioremediation. I remember feeling excited and hopeful about that research, and thinking how nice it would be, to do science that gives back to the earth.

As for the electricity...do you want to live at our house for a while?


Bailey's would have helped, no doubt! Steve, I hope you enjoyed some on my behalf.

Katherine, thanks for the house offer, but I fear the Pointer Sisters would look at your backyard fence, roll their eyes, and head for the hills (or marsh). I'll manage - having electricity back tonight has done wonders for my attitude!

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