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10 December 2009



How sad. Sorry for your loss and her family. I wish, wish, wish they'd make some breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment.


What words could possibly comfort the family and friends who have lost such a wonderful young woman? I know none, but I'm sorry nonetheless...

jodi (bloomingwriter)

As always, I'm reading backwards, Pam. As I said in previous post, I'm sorry for Meagan's death. Tragic doesn't begin to describe the terrible loss.
I did smile, however, when I saw her website sukitcancer. I am a major fan of musician David Cook, who lost his brother to brain cancer back in the spring. He befriended a young girl from Florida named Lindsey Rose Belcher, who is about ten and been dealing with cancer for several years, and a few weeks back, a pile of Cook's fans on Twitter trended Suck it Cancer for Lindsey Rose, when she was in the hospital. It brought her delight and (I understand) helped her pull through a tough time, so that she was able to attend Cook's concert in her home town just a couple of weeks ago.
It's a terrible disease. But there are also good stories like Lindsey Rose's. We'll focus on the positive stories, and remember Meagan.


Thank you Joan - and I do agree. I have never witnessed anything as crazy-aggressive as this young woman's cancer - you read about it, but it was definitely something else.

Pat, thank you. Today feels better - a college fund is being set up for the one-year old daughter, a 'party' (her wishes) will be held on the banks of the Stono River on her birthday in January - and a group of us are writing letters to her daughter (to give to her husband, the father, for safekeeping until she is older and wants to read them). These things are all good.

Jodi, what a great story! Yes, there are good stories out there too.

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