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29 November 2009



Hoping your reunion with the Pointer Sisters was all you'd hoped!

Susan Tomlinson


Annie in Austin

Going through a mother's belongings is such a strange experience, isn't it, Pam? So many items are more than objects - they pose questions. But the only person who could give the answers is gone. My sisters and I did some of the clearing as a team, which takes longer but may be easier emotionally.

I'm glad to hear your dad likes the live-in person - maybe feeling stable will help his health issues.

You don't sound like a woman returning to a trailer home... more like a captain finally getting off the land and back aboard ship!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Christopher C NC

Whether you know it or not, intend it or not, sharing this time of your life and experience with it will come in handy for those of us who will go through the same things in due time. I can only hope I exhibit half the grace that you do.


Hi Pam, it is the little things that you hold in your memory of someone. My mother sews a lot and so did her mother (me, no!) but I have my Grandmother's old Singer sewing machine and cabinet with all the buttons and rickrack and ribbons and thread and on and on.....it connects me to both of them.
Glad to hear that the live-in is a good fit for your dad. What a peace of mind that is.
Glad you are home after an emotionally filled holiday.

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