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22 November 2009



Have a great and safe trip. Sounds like the Pointer Sisters may be wired when you return so I hope you have an exhausting activity planned for them. Happy Thanksgiving!


Safe travels and hope for a great visit with your family while here in Virginia. It is raining as I write.
Sleeping dogs always look angelic.

anna maria

I hope your Thanksgiving and trip were a good one. I love how your Sisters sleep together.
Best wishes for your dad.

Susan Tomlinson

Safe travels, and have a good time with your dad.

P.S. Getting your name on his account now so that you can do online banking for him is a very, very good idea. It allowed us to see when two very large, very suspicious checks were written by my mom to complete strangers. It turned out she was being targeted by scammers who claimed to be tree trimmers.

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