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14 November 2009



Maybe your hard work and mention in Science Daily will keep the funds coming. I hope so!


Les makes a good point.

Helen at Toronto Gardens

Wow. A small change in temperature.


Thank you Les - me too. But boy budgets are still being slashed daily around the lab - rumors today of a looming additional 10% cut which would be catastrophic on top of what has already happened.

Janet, yep - he does indeed!

Helen, that's a good observation - we often get the question 'are the temperatures you're talking about relevant' etc, and the reality is that it is only a small change in temperature - and those temperatures are relevant to ranges in temperature averages in the Caribbean right now (and explains why we're observing coral disease outbreaks in the summer more than the winter - although the current problem is that winter temperatures aren't getting as cool, so the pathogens are maintaining virulence and the corals don't get the chance to recover...or at least that is one hypothesis!).

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