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12 October 2009



oh man!

Chuck Boyd

The other thing my Dad taught me about attacking a wasp nest was to use a spray that shoots about 20 feet or so.

And kill it in the evening when they all have returned to the nest.

Several mornings I have walked past a nest above my deck that seemed to grow larger day by day.

THIS blog reminded me - this very evening - to grab my can of 20-feet-away poison stuff and march out there and kill 'em.


The first thing my Dad had preached was "The only good wasp is a dead one."


Janet, yeah - I've given up. They aren't bothering me - and as long as that is the case, I'll leave them be. Plus, it'll be cold soon - their lives are limited anyway.

Chuck, did you spray yours? I'm leaving my alone, based on what I've read - paper wasps are beneficial (as most wasps are) and they aren't very agressive (and they aren't bothering me at all) - your dad would be disappointed in me!

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