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11 October 2009



Your flowers look stupendous!! Martha would approve, I think.


Yep, theyre pretty wonderful. I only recently became aware of the hardy ageratums.
As a lifelong fan of roadside blooms, can't
believe Ive overlooked these so long


What a grand setting! Cheers!


I do not think Martha Stewart could have done a better job herself. Beautiful!


There must still be a lot of Virginia left in you to quote Martha Washington.

Christopher C NC

It was suggested to me some time ago to just buy a small camping trailer and wa la, instant home. Looking at your lovely airstream makes me think I should've. But that I know would have delayed the cozy cabin considerably and it is slow going enough as it is. I make do in my parent's basement.

Now what is the purple flower spike that looks a bit like a liatris? I heard tales of this flower from the last trip north from Florida.


Thank you Pat. Maybe Martha will feature the Airstream in one issue of Martha Stewart Living? Now wouldn't that be a riot...

Steve, I just planted the perennial ageratum in my garden for the first time last fall. I really like them.

Janet, thanks!

Kate, where were you guys????? Oh yeah, the whole Pennsylvania thing...move back!!!

Les, your comment made me laugh. Yes indeed - there's an awful lot of Virginia in me, that I'd agree with.

Christopher C: I just love your cabin - I think it's going to be just wonderful! And what a setting you have - truly beautiful. I'm very grateful for my Airstream right now - and I'm happy tonight to be warm and dry - and the interesting thing is how roomy I often think it is - I just don't feel cramped at all. As for the purple flower, I'm not sure - it looks a bit like liatris, but I'm wondering if it's a loosestrife - there are a bunch of them, and perhaps it's one of them. I started looking through some online wildflower sites - but I haven't nailed it down yet. I like it.


It looks lovely. The awning looks like it is in good condition. A sweet little home.


Thanks Joan - I like it an awful lot. The awning is in surprisingly good shape - there is quite a bit of mildew, but I should be able to deal with that. It's certainly made things easier on rainy days!

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