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20 September 2009



I heard somewhere that fresh home grown vegetables and a small pack of dogs can protect you from duck nibbles.


nibbled to death by ducks...wow. Letting the little s*** get to you. Les is right, go pet a puppy dog!
Interesting singer. Makes me want to get up and move- shake the shoulders and move in rhythm of the music.

Ginger Ale

Ooooh I know this mood...when I can't stand to bea around myself!
Oh, and they are Roller derby bouts!

Susan Tomlinson



Les, if only I could take the dogs to work!

Janet, unfortunately the 'nibbles' aren't about the little things...I wish they were - those I could ignore. I suppose these nibbles are a bit bigger than the phrase suggests!

Ginger Ale (what a name! there's a story behind that I suppose?) - it's a rotten kinda mood, isn't it?

Thanks Susan. Hugs help.

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