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19 September 2009



Such is the learning process that one would go back and produce better results but the value is in the learning along the way and this never stops in lab work, life and even, yes, even gardening. Love the picture of the microorganism. I never see those in the garden.


It is a whole other infinitesimal world down the microscope. A poem about bacteria is a first for me.


Great image...The Swilling Buddha!

I have always loved this couplet by Edna St. Vincent Millay, the volta to one of her many sonnets:

"Whether or not we find what we are seeking
is idle, biologically speaking."


My what a process!


Layanee, it's ashame that you can't see the microorganisms in your garden - if I had a microscope to send you - I would!

Donna, there are a few poems about microorganisms out there - but only a few!

Katherine, how true!

Janet, it really is. And a rewarding one.


Now he has to try and get it published, right? The horror. I felt sooooo good when I turned in both of my dissertations, but now I feel mired in trying to find a press / agent. Argh. Carpe diem when you have the diem.

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