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11 September 2009



Glad to hear there are some sane people in SC. There are a LOT of idiotic voices (from many places other than SC as well)


If it helps, I was already pretty sure Wilson was not speaking for you.

Craig @ Ellis Hollow

If I recall, your little slice of S.C. is part of the Colbert Nations.


Janet, there are alot of sane people here - it's the idiots that are always in the news (or that is how it seems these days). Ugh.

Mr S, thank you!

Craig, yep - our little slice is still pulling for Colbert for Governor (and it looks like we might need one soon...).


Oh, and did you hear him today? He won't be 'muzzled'? Geez, is he so stupid that he thinks that makes him a hero? I guess so, since he had $200,000 donated to him this week since the incident. Yeah, just what he needs: validation.


Pam, as someone represented by Texas politicians I can totally relate to what you're saying. :-)


Thanks Pam/Digging - I'm guessing you can. But heckling the President? Geez. What a nut. Knowing our luck, he'll probably be elected the next Governor...

John B.

I have to say that Wilson, boorish as he is, is less of a mystery to me than Sanford is. He seems incapable of seeing that, no matter the legal right-or-wrong at issue, his adventures have become an enormous distraction within state government such that he cannot be an effective governor. If he had the best interests of the state at heart, he would have stepped down long ago--not as an admission of guilt but out of recognition that the state has things to do and the responsible thing to do would be to get out of the way so it can do them.

But for him, the issue isn't how best to serve his fellow South Carolinians--it's become about him as a human being. His model of behavior, he has said, is King David: a guy who arranged to have the husband of a woman killed in battle so he could sleep with her, and yet God allowed him to stay on as King of Israel. Surely Mark Sanford's behavior has not been so bad as David's.

Well, no, relatively speaking. But Sanford isn't a king, either. He's not deaf to the calls for his resignation--just blinded into not seeing why people are calling for it.


John B., here in SC, or at least my part of SC (where Jenny Sanford has moved to with her sons) the answer is less of a mystery: it's been known that his wife has been the brains and common sense behind the operation, and now she is not guiding him. It is thought that we are seeing Mark Sanford on his own for the first time. In other words, a man who doesn't have a clue.


Certainly a time for watching the theater of political life in SC. I am heartened to see Rob Miller has raised a good amount of money. So when we move to SC there will be two more D's.


Janet, I just heard tonight that thankfully, Miller has raised more than Wilson. Yay!!!


These guys just seem to run on sheer ego.
If motherhood, childhood, the Constitution or the name of God can be invoked to serve their purposes, no problem. A pretty widely
dispersed species, Im afraid, well adapted to our era.

Annie in Austin

Pam, have you seen that quote about South Carolina that's been making the rounds? "Too small for a country and too large for an insane asylum." Supposed to be said by South Carolinian James L. Petigru nearly 150 years ago.

I was born in Illinois, but Philo & I have lived in both South Carolina and Texas. I wouldn't want to take responsibility for the behavior of any of them!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Marci, I so agree with you. On every point!

Annie, I hadn't heard that quote and just LOVE it!!! I've shared it with everyone (or at least those who haven't heard it yet). Perhaps if Texas and SC joined forces, they could be their own country?

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