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01 September 2009



I'm sure having your Airstream parked right next to/under that big tree will protect you. :)


I say live in denial! Ignorance is bliss. :-D


You may have said in a recent post, but I don't remember - are you in the Airstream while you are commencing your rebuild, or did the conditions in the house get to the point you had to move out, or is it just a grand summer adventure?


Pat, with my lucky - the lightning will hit the tree and a large branch will fall down on my little aluminum home...

Janet, I'm definitely going for the denial thing these days - in a big way!

Les, all of the above: I was working with the architect on the design, etc of a new house - and literally the same week that we finalized the plans I found out that my job would terminate in one year. So that put the building process to a fast halt...and I hadn't been making repairs to my other place (and the roof is a huge problem) so I just felt like the Airstream was the right thing to do for all sorts of reasons (including lower utility bills, etc while I'm sorting out the job stuff). But - regardless of all of those grown-up reasons for it - I prefer to refer to it as my 'grand summer adventure'! My brother has laughed, saying that he'd place a bet that I'll never move out of it. It's remarkably - peaceful and simple (but let's see what I'll be saying in another month).


Well, you won't be the first South Carolinian who lived in a house on wheels.


Les, I know - lucky, aren't we?

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