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24 August 2009



It is such a delicate balance. Human-centricity causes the balance to be disrupted.


I was encouraged a few years back when I read that there was an emerging trend among fundamentalist religious groups taking a more of a stewardship point of view when it comes to environmental issues. Apparently they feel we may have to answer for the state of the world, which they feel is God's gift to us all.

Counter this with another point of view that the Earth and all of the things on it are ours to use, a means to an end, and with the End Times being here, it just doesn't matter what we do.

While I am not especially religous, I have always been fascinated by how different people view the world and our place in it. This film looks very interesting, but I am afraid it may make me angry. I would definately have to see it stag, my wife is so sensative to images of animal suffering even fictional ones. I hope the film may in some way benefit your lab.


Janet, human-centricity is just one big problem!

Les, I was worried that I'd have to leave - and even sat on the aisle in the back just in case. It had some sad/gruesome parts but I was expecting it to be much worse - and I'm sure that it could have been. Regardless, you will be angry, discouraged - yet at the same time leave with the sense that one determined individual can make a difference. That is always a good thing to feel.

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