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30 August 2009



I saw spider lilies blooming in an Austin shopping center's landscaping (of all places) about three weeks ago. But none of the ones I transplanted from my old garden have come up yet. As I recall, these can be slow starters, and I may have to wait until next year to get flowers.


I think your Lycoris really pretty. A very nice addition to the garden. If your work is so transient I assume you came there from elsewhere? Have you put down roots?


Naked ladies everywhere this week!

Susan Tomlinson

The transience of academia is one of the very few things I dislike about it (ranks up there with the politics, endless meetings, and grading) I have lost so many good friends to other places and other jobs that after awhile it gets hard to muster up the energy to make new ones...


Pam/Digging, I bet they looked gorgeous in that shopping center! What a fun place to see them. I hope next year that yours do bloom - I don't have many, and this time of year always think that I should plant more.

Janet, I've lived in Charleston for 15 years. I've got little trees that I planted years ago that are now quite large. As the head of the lab, the transient part is that my students (primarily graduate students) graduate - and move on to postdoctoral positions or other jobs. I have them for about 5 years or so - so I really miss them when they leave. Regarding my own transience - born in Virginia, school in Virginia and Michigan, a few years in Florida for a postdoc, and now South Carolina.

Marci, indeed! They're fun to see.

Susan, that's how I feel. Each time a doctoral student graduates - it is such a bittersweet time. I really grow attached to them - and enjoy each of their unique contributions to the lab - and then they go. One day about a year ago, on a Friday, all of my former doctoral students all got in touch with me on the same day. It made me smile.

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