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26 July 2009


Bob Waites

We loved having you and Jeff at Lushlife Nurseries. Your arrival late in the day gave us a chance to spend time together that we otherwise might not have had. We look forward to seeing you in Charleston next time we're there and in Beech Island in the fall. There's is bound to be another "special event" then.
Bob Waites, Tom Hall and Jenks Farmer


I think that unknown plant in the last photo is pycanthemum.......
glad yall came to Beech!


I just love days like that. You fall asleep fast those nights, satisfied that you did everything you wanted to...and more.

Annie in Austin

This year I've paid special attention to three Amarcrinum plants and have 3 flower stalks at once... thought it was fabulous until I saw that field, Pam! A Field of Crinum! The thought of having crinum as cutflowers fills me with awe. But can't read the name Lushlife without hearing Linda Ronstadt sing the song in my mind.

What a fun day that must have been from the Hot Peanuts to the permanently borrowed plants. Jeff sure looks like a good sport and a good companion for the road.

BTW, the photo looks pretty close to what Christopher in NC ID'd as some kind of Mountain Mint, Pycnanthemum in a post a while back:

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


What a fun day Pam. Love the baby donkey, too cute. Petticoat Junction??? hahahah love it!! Have bookmarked the Aritsan Center to check out when we move. Great pictures from the whole day...love the old post office.


What fun! Timbo is also the unofficial mayor of Pierpont. He has been selling peanuts here for as long as I can remember.


Sounds like you had a great day. When I lived in Charleston I took a couple of trips through some of those small towns as well. Some are sad, some are cheery and some are worlds unto their selves. (BTW, I happen to like boiled peanuts, they taste more like some sort of salty bean than a nut.)

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