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06 July 2009



What can one say about Britney? Why would one want to? Getting surly in my old age---think her 15 minutes are up. As for the study about gardeners, I agree! (And I have seen the K State Botanical Gardens! Beautiful!)


Black and white of the canna looks superb. Really shows off the texture doesn't it? Briney who? Michael who?


Janet, I've not seen their gardens - so fun to hear they are so nice.

Layanee, funny - in lab meeting today we talked about Michael Jackson. It was funny, hearing different views of him - seemed to be a generational thing. As for Britney - well, don't know much there.

Annie in Austin

I've grown Praetoria under its other name, Bengal Tiger, for years and never cut off the flowers... if this means I have something in common with Britney, boy, will Philo be surprised! Maybe I like plants that shout.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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