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25 June 2009



Stunning. I love black and white photos, don't you? And have you ever done any infrared photography?

BTW, I did vote for him and am EXTREMELY disappointed.


I started to skim over what you wrote, until I got to the part about skimming rather than looking (or reading word for word) The photos are wonderful. If you had them in color, we would notice the orange - bright and bold, but in black and white, we notice the structure and those great dots!!

David E. Perry

Dear, dear Pam,

Once again I find beautiful little miracles during a visit to your site. I really do love seeing glimpses of the world through your eyes and words. And I love the choices you have made here, visually.

It is hard, sometimes to see past the color, to see what elegant structure lies beneath it. How wonderful to be gifted that seeing by your elimination of color, by your careful framing . . . knowing that the images are uncropped helps me understand how deliberate and unhurried you were as you made them . . . how thoroughly you looked into each corner of the frame to "see" and then choose where the lines would intersect.

And for the bravery and generosity you have granted those of us who enter into this glade and sanctuary of your discoveries, for allowing us the context of knowing that this lily was your mother's . . . the vulnerability of having glimpsed that loss for you and the ways you invite us to witness your attempts to make sense of it . . .

How wonderful to have been allowed yet further glimpses into your world.

Thank you for such generous words . . . for being one who recognizes a brother, a kindred spirit. One firefly to another, blinking on and off across these vast distances. I see you. I see the glow of light that you emanate again and again here, and I know, gratefully, that I too am seen.



Beautiful work, Pam.


Hi Pat - thanks! And no, I haven't done any infrared photography - and I'm not sure what you mean exactly (I think of it more from a work/science perspective).

Janet, I love the dots too. I have also thought that tiger lilies and hellebores look best in black and white for that very reason.

David, thank you. It is always such a treat to have you visit here.

Vera, thanks! It was nice seeing you at Dan and Janet's last weekend.

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