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20 June 2009



What a blooming/twittering/ news post! I have not been on the bandwagon with Twitter either, though listening to the news it is remarkable how this new technology is keeping a line open to the rest of the world.
Your Sparklig Burgundy is greener/ variegated green-burgundy --mine is more burgundy. Interesting.
Love your close up of the hibiscus petal.


My Eucomis is now in a little shade - I wonder if that is affecting the coloration? I definitely noticed what a deep burgundy yours was - it was really beautiful (and if I remember correctly, my was a deeper color the first year that I had it...I wonder what that is all about?).


Your post demonstrates the contrast I often notice between the relatively peaceful, routine nature of my own life and the struggles and hardships experienced by people in other parts of the world.

Bless the Iranian women! Such courage...inspiring.

Nicely done, Pam.


Thank you Pat - that is what I was feeling like all day Saturday. As I did a load of laundry, how many rocks were being thrown? As I went outside with the dogs, how many women were risking their lives? Those women - I am in awe of them.


To say I enjoyed your remarkable contrasts is not quite right. Maybe I should find another word for enjoy. No mattter the location or context - rigid, dogmatic men (and yes it is nearly always men) need to have the middle finger waved in front of their face. I am only sorry that innocents are losing their lives in the process.


Les, the role of women in these protests has just put me in awe of them. Even my father, who tends to not notice these things, is noticing this. There is so much courage. I am sorry for the loss of lives too, but...I don't know, is a martyred life, such as that of Neda...is democracy worth her life? I'm guessing the historical answer is yes, the personal, in-the-moment answer is of course not!


Amazing photography

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