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14 June 2009



That's one of those days to the x degree (see, I can be scientific and mathematical). Reminds me of my return trip from my grandma's funeral three years ago in which an RV side swiped me at a toll booth. I sat at a tire store for three hours getting new tires and temporary alignments as I limped the last 4 hours home at 50mph.

anna maria

Hi Pam,

it's such a coincidence that you left a comment on my blog this evening, maybe just a couple of hours after I had read your "clog" post, and even followed the link to see if I really needed them...

Anyway, I've got the plant addiction really bad these past few days, and wore myself out so much today finishing the planting of everything I bought that it's 7:40 PST and I'm already in my jammies!

anna maria

How I ended up reading "Euphoria" and posting a comment on "One of those days" by mistake is a mystery to me!


Wow Benjamin - did you ever think of pursuing a career in science??? :) Your tire story actually sounded much worse than my day - there's nothing worse than being stranded in a car somewhere while traveling!

Anna Maria, it is so nice to hear from you - and I'm so glad to see that you are back among us! As (non) destructive as the plant addiction might be, it is such a pleasurable one - nice to hear that you are still out in your garden.

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