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24 June 2009



What is up with your ..sounds like ex governor??? his is a piece of work huh???

Hope all is well with you!



I so miss living in SC. I am sure Stephen will do a bang-up job. He is from West Ashley, isn't he? somewhere close by.


So weird, did he think anyone wouldn't notice he was missing???? Duh!!!!!!!

Jeff Tompkins

Look on the bright side. Cultural diversity comes to SC, in the form of an Argentinian First Mistress.


So glad you got my message!!! What a hoot. Sanford is really a piece of work, think he will resign?


I would like to thank all of the people who voted for him as this is must see TV!

Pam/Digging (Austin)

Hilarious! His absurd story is worthy of Texas politicians, Pam.

anna maria

Poor men.
I really think their drive to spread their seed overrides everything else, to the point that they let it ruin their lives. OK, maybe he's in LUV...


Everyone: I don't know if he'll resign (but with the new info out, that he visited the Argentine woman on taxpayer dollars a year ago makes it more likely). Jeff, you do indeed have a point regarding the diversity issue (that is definitely a cup half full response...). Otherwise, the only thing I can say is...bizarre for sure, and I feel badly for his family (mostly his sons - it's gotta really hurt).


And can you imagine being his wife and hearing what was in those e-mails to his mistress? Heartbreaking.


Pat, yes - heartbreaking. I think we've all been telling him 'stop talking!!!!' all week...

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