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28 June 2009



Here's to low drama. I am glad to find solid news instead of interviews from anyone who may have had one conversation with Michael Jackson.

Blackswampgirl Kim

My last Facebook update was a wish that the people of South Carolina could somehow pull a switch in their top state office: Mark Sanford? Out. The apparently much classier Jenny Sanford? In. No need to even switch out the name plates... ;)

(Okay, I'm at least half joking. But maybe only have joking.)


Janet, I decided that I'm actually craving NO DRAMA. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. Things have been stressful/a bit difficult for awhile - and I just want some calm. As for MJ, it has just been so bizarre. I'm not sure that much of it is genuine.

Kim, half-joking indeed. Alot of people feel that way - but I must say, after his second AP interview, when he confessed to crossing the line with other women and seeing the woman from Argentina more often than he first said - I'm pretty sure that if I was here I wouldn't keep saying how I want to 'make our marriage work'. These relationships - these political relationships - are something I don't necessarily understand (thankfully) - I'm just getting sick...yes, of the drama!


Overwhelming image, coming at you from both sides.
How did that blue get in there?

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