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19 June 2009



Oh too bad. But I like those super birkis! I am really tempted.


Eliz, they were great shoes. I think I had then for about 15-20 years! The insoles were great (and comfortable like most Birks are) - so I'd highly recommend them. I haven't looked at others, so I don't know how their price compares (but I'm guessing they're higher).


While I hate to spend the money on Birkenstocks shoes and sandals, I no longer have foot doctor bills. I get two to three years of wear per pair, so initially it is a big investment, but is actually cheaper than buying cheap pairs of shoes and throwing them out cause they hurt my feet. This is the last pair I bought Birkenstock Alabama - Black Leather


Sloggers Lite.
To die for.
Look them up on the sloggers website.
I have two pairs - hot pink and lime green.
Love love love them.
Then I have a pair of regular sloggers for wet weather and another pair of regular with a cozy insole for winter yardwork.
It's all about the shoes.

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