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09 June 2009



Sounds like a 'problem' many of us have! Love your choices! Helene Von Stein is a super Stachys.


Hey, I bought a $100 tree (20% on sale) yesterday. I was tired and depressed and my wife drove me to the nursery saying it'd mke me feel better. Then we get to this tree I'd discovered a week ago. She fell in love with it and said "I bet you can't talk me out of it even though we shouldn't get it." Mean. But now we have a 'Schubert' chokecherry. Ahhhh.


well, the lamb's ear IS kind of big...you know, I almost called you today...I had a slight snappage...and I was thinking to myself that I too had a problem akin to crack addiction...I JUST finished (mostly) getting all the plants laying around in the ground...and so I had to go get more.

Blackswampgirl Kim

I would commiserate, but I'm still in the denial stage of my "addiction!" :)

(And glad to hear that Miss Annabelle Lee is protecting you from the insidiously fuzzy evil of lamb's ear's... lol.)


Janet, I hope it does well - supposedly it handles the heat.

Benjamin, trees are the best I think. Once I was in lab meeting with the group right after lunch, and the meeting room looks out over the parking lot. One of my students looked out and saw a tree sticking out of the back of my car (a silverbell) and went 'Oh no!. For me, it's definitely linked to my level of stress!!! Congrats on the new tree.

Kate, yep, it's like crack. We'd steal for plants (or steal plants?).

Kim, I'm slowly coming out of the denial stage (it is a 12-step program!). As for plant safety, it looks like Annabelle has everything in check - if only she weeded...

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