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27 June 2009



Wow! What a treat. I love that first shot. I went down this morning but there were so many people and I didn't have enough time to make it worth buying a ticket.


They usually visit Norfolk each year, and I think they will be here next weekend for the 4th. I am fascinated by these ships and try to imagine what the world was like when these were the jumbo jets of the day. I have scads of old-school photos taken of tall ships.

The schooner Virginia was built here and all the school kids got to go see it under constuction and afterward. Of course all the visits had to be combined with their SOLs (standards of learning). When did experiencing something just for experience's sake cease becoming part of a child's education?


The nighttime photos are beautiful and so festive. Looks like a great time.


I love seeing the Tall Ships. It has been a while since I went on one...think it was before I was married and we lived on Fort Monroe. (Virginia) It is really remarkable to see them and to get a chance to roam around on them. What workmanship!


Joan, I'm so glad that they visit our little harbor. It really is a treat to see them.

Les, Charleston's Tall Ship - the Pride of South Carolina - has definitely been used by some local schools for learning experiences - there are even several day/week-long excursions that they go out on. I don't know what schools have access to this opportunity (and if I had to guess, I'm guessing some of the public schools aren't doing this because there class size is big - just guessing though).

Vera, it was really beautiful - and definitely festive!

Janet, they are quite amazing. Some of them had the most gorgeously put away lines, in very elaborate coils and figure eight patterns. They were all just spotless too - the care and maintenance of these things must be constant. I can't even imagine!

Dragonfly Lady

I worked on the Lord Nelson several years ago, we had several American sail with us.. check it out http://www.jst.org.uk/ you too can sail with them!!

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