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07 June 2009



Those blueberries look great!! We went and picked strawberries yesterday, end of the season, but they are tasty!
I always had to battle the squirrels and the birds to get any of the blueberries on my little bush on the deck. It met an untimely death...not sure why. Oh well, will go pick at the farm up the road.


I noticed quite a few berries on my blueberry bushes just yesterday. It will be a good month and a half before any are ripe but yours have my mouth watering. Love blueberries. Why don't I have any strawberry plants? Hmmmm.....must plant some.


this must be our bumper year--the bushes are loaded...not anywhere near ripe though. I think you are about 1 month ahead of us on produce. I am with you on harvesting my crops...I keep staring at my peas, hoping to shove them along a bit....we have had a really cool, dark spring, so everything seems a bit behind!

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