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01 March 2009



Really fun. I like the reverse one.

Annie in Austin

An interesting and quirky blogger named Weeping Sore also likes Arcimboldo


Think I'll link your blog in a comment on hers...and hope you're both amused at the introduction!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Unindicted Co-Conspirator

The guy was passing strange. I love the upside-down pictures, and in fact, one is a picture of me! All superheroes with secret identities should have such portraits.


Thanks Janet. I thought they were really cool too. And when you look closely at them - wow! It's not such an easy thing to have done.

Annie - "Weeping Sore" - I love it! I haven't had time to visit, but I definitely will. Thanks for the introduction!

Unindicted: How nice, a superhero has visited my silly blog! I do like the thought of these portraits representing superheroes - or, I suppose, their secret identities. I will stop by and see if you are right-side up or upside down...

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