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22 March 2009



The 'Pointer Sisters' that just cracks me up. I still have a record by The Pointer Sisters! My dogs enjoy being outside and romping around in the spring weather. That is a sweet picture of the 'sisters'.


All is right with the world in that photo. Loved the topiary show with Pearl Fryer. What a guy!

Annie in Austin

The Dannabelles look so sweet and relaxed in the photo that it's hard to imagine them terrorizing the garden, but I believe you, Pam.
Until 18 months ago, my my daughter & Son-in-law's pets were cats. Then two rescued dogs arrived, a year apart. It amuses me that the one surviving cat is "Top Dog" in their household, too.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Janet, the Pointer Sisters crack me up too...you'd laugh more if you saw them in person. They're nuts. Both rescues and slowly calming down WILD things.

Layanee, yeah - the Pointer Sisters are definitely loving life! Glad to hear you've seen the documentary on Pearl Fryar - quite a guy for sure!

Annie, you always come up with the best names...The Dannabelles! It sounds like your daughter's household is similar to mine - with two rescues being integrated in. My guys are nuts, but endless entertaining - (and even the cat would admit to this - she's especially enamored with Annabelle's ever-wagging tail, which has become more of a toy than anything to her...much to Annabelle's chagrin).


These are two cute kids - I have a The Dan, but in opposite colors - black with white. He is a smart buddy.

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