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21 March 2009



The masses are rising up against the shallow minded. Let's just hope there is someone ready to run and serve the people of the state.


I almost think people need a sort of permission that it's okay to do things. A lot of really ridiculous stuff has been said about how much power the President holds as the moral authority of the land, or whatever, but in crises, people want to have something to do to feel useful. This is why it was so disappointing when all GWB could offer us post-9/11 was, "Go shopping." Obama's already done a lot of stuff I'm not thrilled about, but Michelle announcing that they're going to have a garden on the grounds, and grow food, and eat it, makes up for an awful lot.

Now if we could just get the Democrats in Congress to grow a collective backbone of some kind.

Susan Tomlinson

You know what gets my goat? None of those who are so vociferous in their criticism of the stimulous package have any alternate plans to offer.

I'm close to losing patience with partisan naysaying for the sake of partisan naysaying...

Really close.

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