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23 March 2009



I am at a loss for words to comfort you, having lost my mother a number of years ago, except that what now burns your heart will eventually become a warm glow. It will soften your hard edges and you will become a better person for everything you have endured.


I was going to write something else, but one can only say I am sorry for your loss. Over time the sadness will not so strong, but you will always miss her.

Annie in Austin

No advice, just sympathy, Pam. The automatically reaching for the phone thing seems to last.

That's a sweet little flower - may the timing of its bloom bring you a little comfort.
No idea of size or scale or leaves, but I'm curious....what makes you think 'privet' (Oleaceae/olive family) rather than something from Rosaceae?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Thank you Sheila and Janet - I appreciate it. I hadn't realized how our gardening was so tied together, how it was such a big part of our relationship (I'm not sure why I wouldn't have thought that - it's pretty obvious when you see both of our gardens!).

Annie - yes, picking up the phone is automatic, isn't it?

Now, regarding my diagnosis of privet - no basis in anything whatsoever. Little, white, flowers. The leaves are tiny. I'll have to look in the Rosaceae and see what I can come up with! (Humorously, I did look up and sort of rule out privet at some point, but have continued calling it that - habit!).

Lindsay  Morris

Pam, I talked to Papa for a while tonight about the garden and I will be there with you and Dad for the Spaghetti dinner this year. He was very proud of the 'Big mama tomatoes' in Nana's honor, and I could tell he loves taking care of the garden in honor of all of us. I really hope we can meet up for dinner or a drink when I am down in Charleston in April!


Linds! He is so proud of his garden - and is already telling me what I need to do in the flower gardens when I visit for Easter... He asks me every day about how to care for the 'Big Mama's' because Mom always handled the seeds - he is very proud of his little seedlings (and a bit nervous too!). We'll definitely be able to get together - that would be fun. Maybe we can go to that fun new Greek place, Samos - you guys would love it.


There is melancholy and joy in the memories isn't there? I'm happy to hear you have blooms on this pass along plant even if they evoke a bit of sadness.

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