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24 February 2009



As one who will be moving to a new home in SC for retirement, the looming question is...How in the heck did he get elected...or better yet, how do we make sure people like him are not returned to office???


I am going to ignore the intended content of that quote to dwell on the fact that I did not think it was possible for a prominent elected official to speak "more badder" than Bush II did (does).


I'd like to say that I don't know how these people get elected, but hey...we're the state that elected Geo. Bush (Shrub to those who loved Molly Ivins) as governor and then look what happened. It's enough to make your hair stand on end. And now we're stuck with Gov. Good Hair...just when you thought it couldn't get worse.


awwwww...that Sanford quote makes me miss SC...did Scott send that to you?


Janet, I don't know. A few years back he made Time Magazine's 'Top Bad Governors' list (it was called something like that) and he was re-elected AFTER that article. It amazes me. But then while I love Charleston, a big whole chunk of this state scares me to death. When will you be moving down? Hopefully in time to vote in the next election...

Les, I fear that we have a competitor...or, a winner. Sigh.

Mary, yes, I loved Molly Ivins and am very familiar with 'shrub' (how perfect?) - and did I see that your Governor is one of the ones speaking out about the stimulus money too? While I am, quite honestly, fearful of these large sums of money - I also think it's foolish to say no. People need it (and hopefully it will get to some people).

Kate: Yep, it was indeed Scott. He's so handy sometime! (But remember that you had that creationist guy - it is not only the south that is insane!)

ForestWander Nature Photography

I like the picture of the daffodil in grey scale.


Thank you ForestWander - I'll have to head over to your site for a visit soon.

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