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20 February 2009


Kevin Z

Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to hop on over again!


I was humming this song all weekend...and DID in fact remember to bring my canvas bags to the supermarket (usually I'm standing at the checkout counter cursing b/c they're in the trunk of the car). My sweetheart was teasing me about it, so I threw in some of the dance moves in the parking lot...my fav being the vogue-esque hand-thing at the end.

Annie in Austin

We have an assortment of bags and are getting better at remembering them - some stores have "Did you remember your Green Bag?" signs posted in the parking lot, which does help!
This was so funny I had to tweet it, Pam - mentioned your blog & would have put your url on, but tweets are too short to fit links for both you and Tim Minchin/YouTube.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Kevin - I'll definitely be stopping by again. I've enjoyed your site (silently) for some time now.

CK: Thanks for the head's up, and yeah - it's addictive for sure. I think you should video your rendition, or at least the dance moves...

Annie - funny that you should comment, because I thought of you when I posted it. I think you need your own version! It could even be a cover...

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