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29 January 2009


Susan Tomlinson

I, too, have my own story about discovering (to my complete shock) that I was being paid significantly less than my male counterparts in a job.

Times have changed. But not enough.

What is so hard about fairness to understand?


I enjoyed the comment I heard in the debate (cant remember who said it)when one of the congressmen was whining about the burden this would place on businesses with the increase in lawsuits and how it was only going to benefit the lawyers. The congresswoman replied along the lines of; "if you paid everyone equally there wouldn't be any lawsuits. If you paid everyone fairly there wouldn't be any burden. IF YOU PAID EVERYONE FAIRLY..." Made me laugh. Glad it passed too.


Pretty amazing, isn't it? I'm thrilled that the law has been passed, but dismayed that it took so long.


Susan, unfortunately too many of us have similar stories...perhaps this will begin to repair some of that. I do hope so. I was shocked too.

Alan, I've heard the same complaint. Pretty amazing isn't it? No - perhaps not amazing, perhaps clueless is more like it...

Jodi, I do think that Ledbetter (with the help of others) has been carrying this torch for quite a while. It's nuts. But I was thrilled too.


I was glad they decided to name the act after her, at least she can get the recognition for her hard work if she can't get the full court award. I heard her interviewed on NPR and she has a wonderful accent and was a pleasure to listen to.


Les, I wish I had caught her on NPR (I keep forgetting that I can go online and hear it - I should go and do that!). I bet that she feels good - no, she didn't get the full award but boy in terms of people that she will help - now that's a number that's pretty impressive I'm guessing.

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