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24 January 2009


Susan Tomlinson

Sigh. I don't really care that it was pre-recorded, either. It's such a pretty piece, and it was such a celebratory day. Peaceful transition! Shouldn't we be focusing on that miracle?

You know what I do care about? I care about stamping out snarkiness...

(Was that snarky?)

Anyway, love the daffodil. :-)


There will always be those who have to criticize everything...it was a beautiful piece, I loved it and the whole day...and your daffodil made me smile as we dive down to 0 degrees or so again tonight.


Wow--I did not hear this until now. I guess you would call it symbolism represented here. Laugh then where ever you may be was a powerful part of this arrangement. I took that from it and would certainly not have cared if it was pre-recorded.

Looks like Obama loved it.


Hauntingly beautiful!


It has been unbelievable to me that there has been so much criticism about the prerecording of the piece. Anyone who knows anthing about stringed instruments was certainly wondering how they could be in tune in the cold on that platform - even if there were heaters. Silly, uninformed people. Drives me nuts. The piece was lovely.


Hi Everyone, thankfully - this being 'news' died down quickly, so now perhaps folks can enjoy the piece. Each time I listen to it, I like it more (Sheran, I'm not a musician, but did read that it was too cold to depend on - or risk - the use of stringed instruments. Thanks for chiming in.)

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