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19 December 2008



OMG! This is so cool! Hello a friendly soul *waiving* :) I looove your blog! Even though I've changed my field and now I'm more of a cell biologist or molecular biologist working with human cancer cells, in my soul and heart I will always remain a true Microbiologist! :) Thank you so much for the feature! It is always so much more fun when it comes a fellow scientist :)


Susan Tomlinson

Completely nerdy. :-) I love browsing the Carolina and Ward's catalogs.


Okay, I've managed to go through your entire list (love Arctida's stuff, btw) and somehow segued onto YouTube and started watching Les Claypool bass solos as a result of it. This... is why I love your blog, Pam. lol.


Alecia, I'm so glad that I found the Mad Scientists site! And I really like your work - it's gorgeous - that was a treat. My lab does mostly environmental micro - but using molecular approaches (metagenomics, etc) - I took a bacterial diversity class during grad school, and feel in love with biodiversity research. I'm glad that you stopped by.

Susan, yeah, completely nerdy. There is nothing I can say to defend myself!

Kim, it sounds like you DEFINITELY need a microbiologist in your life! I really liked Arctida's work too. And YouTube can definitely suck you in - the music is great though. And thanks...I like when a 'misguided but intensely focused' approach to life is enjoyed!

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