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15 December 2008


David E. Perry

I am always so delighted by my visits to your world.
Thanks, yet again.


Lovely post. And how is the most wonderfully bad dog in the world, Miss Annabelle Lee, doing? Whenever my vet promises me that my dog is going to be slow for a couple of days, or sleepy for a couple of hours post-shot, I laugh... never happens. :)


I like these fresh out of the oven! They melt in your mouth. I'm sending you some warm hugs your way. I can hear the ache in your writing. I have all my aunt's and granma's cookbooks. Love them. Wouldn't trade them for the world.


Thanks David. I feel the same way about your world!

Thank you Kim - and the new old girl, Annabelle Lee woke up Saturday morning like a new dog, and not like a dog who had been spayed the day before. My challenge now is to keep her calm! She's a sweetheart.

Thanks Anna. Warm hugs are greatly appreciated - and if I could, I'd drop some cookies by your place! Thanks for such a thoughtful comment.

Annie in Austin

A more than sweet post, Pam! This is the first year I didn't make what seems to be the identical recipe of peanut butter kiss-cookies. They're easy to take in a box in a car, but I've found them a pain to pack and ship. We're staying in Texas this Christmas and other cookies made the trip.

Was this one of the cookies you took to the camellia guy? Have to go comment on that post, next...and use this one to say how nice your pack looks, lounging around!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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