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21 December 2008



I love camellias. I debate if I love them more than roses, but there's something about them.

That Mathotiana is truly beautiful. I didn't know they bloomed so early.


WOW! Everything are so beatuiful!
Here is to cold fore the plants to flower... they have al gone to sleep over the winter.
Merry Christmas to you!



It should be of no suprise that I enjoyed this post, and I certainly appreciate the shout out. The 'Cotton Candy' has a special place in my heart. It is a variety that we do not sell at work, and one of my most demanding customers insisted on having it. I jumped through hoops to get 8 of them for her. When they finally bloomed she called me on the phone "appalled" that her historic home now looked like Disneyland and wanted me to take them back. I explained to her that she received exactly what she asked for and I did not take them back.

Your japonicas are about two months ahead of ours. 'Debutante' is usually our first to bloom, but the earliest I have ever seen it was during a warm spell in late January. As I write this, it is 28 outside and is expected to stay in the 30s today with lows tonight around 22. All of my sasanqua blooms could be mush by tomorrow.

Annie in Austin

We've had repeated light freezes and Central Texas is in "exceptional drought, so my plain-old pink camellias are not too happy. The sasanqua had a fair amount of flowers last month, but the japonica has a grand total of 5 buds, with really ratty looking leaves. How fresh and green all your garden looks!

The camellia photos are beautiful enough to make one want to live in South Carolina... and the white ones may even be more lovely than Margaret Radcliffe.

I'm glad you got to see the octagenarian camellia guy -

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Vera, I think I always get a comment from you when I post images of camellias! I think I like roses more (the fragrance) - but there is something about a flower that is that pretty in the winter time that I truly admire - and am grateful for! The japonicas start blooming, at least some of them, in late November - and then alot of them start blooming in mid December on.

Linda, Merry Christmas to you too! You gardeners with sleeping winter gardens are able to grow so many things that we cannot - so it's nice that we can get you through the winter until your own garden wakes back up. Thanks for your comment.

Les, I tend to dislike intensely pink flowers (like the bright pink formosa azalea) - but I'm pretty forgiving of the Camellias. I'm usually just so happy that they are blooming when they do! My Father in Charlottesville has three of the cold hardy japonicas doing quite well - I had gotten these for my parents several years ago, and am glad that they look so good. They bloom fairly late (more like early spring I think?). I know that when I arrived in Charlottesville on Tuesday it was quite cold, so I'm sure your sasanquas were hit hard - but today was crazy-warm! Nuts.

Annie, my camellia friend said that he has fewer buds on his due to drought - and I feel like I do on the younger ones (that may not be as established yet) - but most of my three-plus year old camellias look quite happy and content (we did have nice rain during the fall - which I don't think you guys received). Regarding camellias, I think I would have trouble living without them now. It's not so much that they are 'my favorite' - but how can one not truly fall for something that blooms all winter long, if you plant the right varieties? They still amaze me!

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