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16 November 2008



Hi, Pam--I found you by accident--clicked the wrong link on May Dreams Gardens--but what a happy accident and what a great blog!--I can't wait to explore it some more. So are you in South Carolina? I'm north of you, in Southeastern Virginia, 7b--I'm jealous of your warm climate, though we do have some flowers in common (I love salvias). Glad Annabelle Lee didn't get to far away--and what a great name. Glad to have found you!


Okay, I'm officially jealous of your camellias again. (Not, I admit, that I ever stopped.) WHY isn't there a bright white camellia hardy to zone 6? No... all we get are the indeterminate pinks. *sigh*

Your 'Golden Delicious' salvia looks better than mine ever did. And I have to say too that I'm kicking myself for not having saved any milkweed pods, because that would have been a great Christmas tree ornament! (I grow both a. incarnata and a. tuberosa.)


It was nice to meet you, and I want to thank you for both the interesting lecture and the very convenient excuse to get back to the Gardens. I had forgotten how nice spending time in a well-tended garden can be.


That was a very enjoyable post. It was a bit "stream of consciousness", but that is why I liked it. I particulary enjoyed the rose hunt story. I have met Peggy Cornett when we had the honor of judging some landscapes at the Maymont Flower and Garden show, back when the show actually had flowers and gardens. Are you sure that is butterfly weed? I didn't see any aphids on it.


Hi Cosmo, and welcome! My family is all from Virginia - and I grew up in Charlottesville. I've been up that way quite a bit of late. Yes - we both love salvias - are you familiar with Lazy SS farms (or something like that) outside of Charlottesville? I think they're only mail order/online now - but they have a great salvia collection...

Kim, if I ever had to leave this garden, it would be the camellias (and live oaks) that I'd miss the most. It starts getting colder - we have a frost and everything dies back, and while all of this is going on, the camellias are just getting started. They take you through winter (even our pathetically short ones) - and for that I am grateful.

MikeG, the garden was really nice - as was my visit. I really enjoyed all of it! Keep in touch.

Thank you Les. It might have even been a stream of 'unconsciousness'! Cool about Cornett, I really enjoyed the Champney's story - and as for the aphids, I promise that they were there during the summer - this is just it's late fall reprieve from those creatures!

Annie in Austin

Pam, it took so long to read your post, follow your links, see GatorAnnie's blog, and drool over your camellia photos that there's barely time to comment.

The post was all good!

The holidays will be hard.

And your feelings toward azaleas blooming in fall are similar to mine when spring is screwed up by the omnipresent new red leaves on the Redtip photinias.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Man, the garden looks GREAT right now.


Annie, yes - as you know as well. So your redtips always have...redtips? That would get old! As for me, I just always have a pink flower on two of my azaleas. Almost nonstop. Just one or two. Seems silly to me.

Dan, yep - except 48 hours later, it looks ALOT different. So it goes.


Hi Pam. Thanks so much for the 'shout out" about my cuphea post. I have been in mourning over the end of another gardening season so haven't been cruising the blogs as much and just now discovered this post.

Loved your post- it was kind of like a rummage sale in that I wasn't sure what I was going to find next!

Thanks for a fun read.

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