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02 November 2008



I hope she has a forever home now. She looks happy.

Annie in Austin

Late Happy Birthday, Pam - thanks for the fun days of Halloween posts and congratulations on helping to save Annabelle Lee.

You may be nuts but as you've pointed out on previous occasions - you're a pack animal and the pack needs rebuilding.

I hope the Vet visit goes okay tomorrow.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Blackswampgirl Kim

Aww... she doesn't look like she can relax fully yet... those legs are stretched as straight out as they can be! And who can blame her, she's gone through a lot in the past few months, it seems. If only your weary visitor could tell her tale to us in English... :)

I echo Annie in saying that you might be nuts, but it's a very understandable kind of nuts. And that I am keeping my fingers crossed for your vet visit tomorrow!


She is beautiful, and I hope all goes well at the vet. We had many "discoveries" when we took our rescued Loretta to the vet for the first time.


God bless you all!!!!!!


My mom used to be high up in Puppy Mill Rescue, and has helped a lot of dogs--some still living with her. I remember one, still going at my parent's palce, once was so scared she ran away, got run over, found on the edge of the road by a cop, was in a full body cast for quite a long time, and fully recovered. It took here YEARS to not growl at my dad and I--she never liked men, but now when I visit she lets me pet it as long as she sees my hand coming, not from behind or she'll rip it off.


Is that a feather bed she is sleeping so soundly on? She looks quite content and I can see her romping with the rest very soon. Glad you had a great time on Sullivan's Island.


Thanks you guys. She's quite sweet - older than we thought, but I'm thrilled that she's heartworm-negative. (Layanee - it's not a feather bed, but you're right it looks like one! Benjamin - I'm hoping she settles in - I don't think she'll be that skiddish - or, hopefully, rip any hands off!).

Blackswampgirl Kim

Glad to hear the good news... that anything she might have "wrong" with her is fixable! :) I'm surprised she's so old, though--somehow, she looks quite a bit more puppyish to me. (But then, I think that of my Coco, too. lol.)


Thanks Kim. She's a sweetie (though obviously has never been an 'indoor' dog). One day at a time. She's on her second dose of the dewormer, is eating well - on antibiotics for her skin - in a few weeks she can get spayed and get her teeth cleaned. She'll probably be spoiled rotten by Sunday (and deserve it).


I'm following Annabelle's story backwards--how wonderful that she found you. I live on 10 acres, and every fall we spend time finding lost hunting dogs' owners. Nature of the sport, I guess, and most seem to love their animals and are grateful to find them, but I still don't like hunting. My dog, thank goodness, is a very domestic soul--


Cosmo, I don't like hunting, but have an affection for hunting dogs - but mine generally strive to catch a pelican during walks on the beach, and will generously share the couch with you if you need a place to sit.

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