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03 November 2008



It is lovely. We were oat Folly Beach this summer and would have loved to have seen such a lovely garden! My fingers are crossed for tomorrow! We need historical! gail

David E. Perry

Sighing with you, Pam. Hopefully.
Thank you for the sensitive windows into your world. Love the silver palm shot. What a stunning specimen.


I believe your palm is a Bismark Palm (Bismarkia nobilis). I fell in love with these last year in Orlando at the theme parks. I have been in zone-envy ever since. They like high heat and humidity and are less cold tolerant than other palms. Here is a Wikipedia link:


I think I helped disappoint your father as well. No matter who wins, this 8 year nightmare will be over soon.

Blackswampgirl Kim

I was going to guess Bismark Palm, too... looks quite a bit like the bismarckia nobilis that we have in the Madagascar glasshouse.

That garden is amazing, btw. I kind of hope that you have even more pictures, if only because I want to see even more of it!

Blackswampgirl Kim

(Oops... I meant at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, in the Madagascar glasshouse. Didn't want to mislead you into thinking that I myself have such a wondrous place of my own!)


Gail, I hope you enjoyed Folly Beach - I love the walk out towards the Morris Island Lighthouse. I need to head out there sometime soon, and take some photographs. It's such a beautiful place.

David, I think alot of folks today were sighing - with relief. What a positive election result - makes me proud.

Les, that's it! Thanks. I'd been too lazy to look it up. I know dreadfully little about palms, and I need to change that. If you had to recommend a 'first palm' - what would you suggest?

Kim, I would love to imagine that you had one of those palms! They are really stunning in person (my image doesn't do them justice).

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