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15 October 2008



I have seen that small fern, pteris cretica, many times in the house plant section of the nursery (Pike's) where I work. Unfortunately, it is not in stock right now...when in come in, it comes in unnamed, in a selection of small sized ferns. Nice to know it will grow outside on the coast. I am writing from Atlanta...it is definitely not hardy here!
I have been enjoying your writing and photos for about 2 years now. I used to live in Charleston...had to leave after Hugo and the economic drop that followed. I still miss Charleston, the S.C. coast, the moon and the palmettos at night. Thanks for keeping your blog!
Gavriella Conn


I;ll bet your yard is gorgeous right now...I am amazed we both have toad lilies blooming at the same time! I didnt' think that would happen!


My god, you and me both. 9 years of grad school and if I don't go postal it will be a miracle akin to parting some sea in the middle east. I have papers to grade over the 4 day fall break, but I will ignore them--my garden, my book, both call to me. And I stupidly agreed to serve on a search committee--thought it'd be helpful to see it from the inside out, and I even like everyone else on it. 1st committee work ever and I do it when I need every spare second I can get to not dis my diss. I need a jello shooter....


Gavriella, thanks so much for your nice comment. I moved her post-Hugo - but boy, the stories are legendary about that hurricane.

Kate - you know, it looks okay...in places. But the air potato is all the way to the top of the ash tree, wild morning glory has climbed up the japanese maple (not good) - and I haven't got a fall garden planted. So - if chaos is beautiful, then you are indeed correct!

Benjamin - I feel your pain. I honestly have received 7 documents (grants, manuscripts) to review this week. I can't possibly get those done - in addition to everything else - in a week. I need to learn to say no (except that I'm on an editorial board of a journal - so that one I need to keep reviewing for). It's craziness. Hang in there.


Your welcome! I too, have seen this lovely fern in the house plant section of stores, but not recently. One of these days I'm going to get me one to keep in the office. My cats at home shred my houseplants. :(

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