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30 October 2008



What a great costume and similarly great photo! My getup for tomorrow night is nowhere near as exciting -- I'm going as an isomorphism.


I think the lab ghouls are stuck in a rut but there is something to be said for continuity if not originality. Traditions! Have fun this weekend!


Since it IS a Friday as well as Halloween, I came to the office dressed as a princess (have tiara, will travel)...but since it was also my week to empty the recycling bins of plastic bottles, some people think I'm the recycling fairy.

Our lab manager (two doors down from me) came in her renaissance costume, complete with cape. The shocked stares we've gotten from people in our office have been such a gas, we're thinking we should come to work in costume on random days, just for the fun of it.


Krys, you can saying 'I'm going as an Isomorphism' and not provide more detail!

Layanee, yes - it has become a tradition, and our goal is to get the entire lab to participate one year. Hundreds of headless scientists!!!!!

CK, the whole 'recyling fairy' is a riot. Fun to hear - I was pleased at the group we could get together to join in - more than last year for sure!

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