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28 September 2008



Your to favs are the ones I have. To me, the spotted one always looks like someone spilled bleach.

Annie in Austin

Oooh, that Farfugium giganteum at the top is gorgeous, Pam. One of the three Sweet Olives here is pumping out fragrance, but it doesn't feel much like fall and it's terribly dry. Fog? What's fog?

If I saw those spots on the Farfugium without the 'Aureomaculatum' my guess would have been sunscald. Maybe it needs something small, round and yellow planted near it to state that the yellow design is deliberate?

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Ohhh...tea olives! Excuse me while I pine myself to death. I adore the scent of tea olives and I'm broken hearted that I can't grow them here. I wonder if I could keep one as a houseplant?


Les, yes - bleach, and Annie says sunscald - I just think it has some kind of viral disease!

Annie, the 'giganteum' deinitely is becoming a favorite, especially after a month of decent rain (the first such stretch in a long while) - and it has just taken off. It's really striking. I just have one of them - but the area where it's planted could easily take a few more.

Taylor, I think you could do one in a pot - it might work.


I love the name, Farfugium...if I could grow them, I would just so I could say the name. The leaves are beautiful - I agree with the yellow-spotted plant. The leaves look odd - Annie had a good idea.

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