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12 July 2008



Wow, what a wonderfully wide-ranging post. I just checked out the Neruda--it segues disturbingly with the poem I posted for last week's Muse Monday. I thing I agree with you about the black and white images. That last one is marvellously abstract; the tight focus brings the lines and angles to the fore; this is living geometry.


Your B&Ws are worthy of a wall mural. I grow Musa basjoo (very hardy for me) and if I don't watch out it will take over my garden. Although it is a favorite, I enjoy cutting it down after first frost and dissecting its layers.


Les, thank you. I have one clump of banana tree growing, and I'm unsure of what it is. Maybe basjoo, I should try and figure it out. The leaves are spectacular - and I have a friend who wants to make paper one down out of the fibers. That might be an interesting way to spend a Saturday someday.


Kate, I'll have to go and take a look at that poem. I don't seem to get out (around the blogosphere) much these days. I need to spend some time catching up.


The photographs are stunning - the play of light and shadow illustrate perfectly the lines of the Stanton poem "but these
tattered, green, photosynthetic machines
know how to grasp with their broken fingers
the gold coins of light that give open air
its shine."

I love times when I get distracted and intrigued with something that catches my attention and doesn't let go.

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