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25 July 2008



I too have been busy enough that reading the blog circuit has been a chore rather than a pleasure. I am glad I took the time to read this one and listen to a good portion of the speech. I will come back for more. Life's little perspectives....thanks!

Annie in Austin

First you write the wonderful post about the backbone of live oaks -letting us glimpse the end of your novel- now you show us this lovely jungle and talk about your holy circle of trees and a wonderful non-chemical lawn with a trench in the middle. Thank you so much, Pam.
Would it be too corny to call the trench the Grand Dan-yon?

I manage to read quite a few posts - commenting is harder to fit in. Your new lawn mower looks pretty cool - we had 1/2" from Dolly yesterday - maybe I'll actually have some lawn to mow in a day or two.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


Hang in there--I too was more than ready for this week to end.

Your jungle looks great...an ideal habitat for the fashionista dinosaur.

RE: lawn mowers--my sweetheart (the mower in our family) has been looking into alternatives to the gas-powered mower we currently use and found one that looks pretty cool. http://www.neutonpower.com/


Oh please... please call it the Grand Dan-yon. I love that little phrase that Annie coined!

And I dunno... if The Dan was digging in a place where you didn't want her to, that would be a different story. But this is her place, and she's picked one where she's not digging up any camellias or anything too important or difficult to replace... and I'm with you. It's art. The dog zen art of digging. All good. :)


Layanee, I don't like when things feel this busy. It isn't a good busy - it's a 'life's moving too fast and I'm not liking it' kind of busy. Glad you enoyed Pausch's lecture, it does give one a reason to stop and reflect for a bit.

Annie, how hilarious. I had thought the Grand Dan'yon too - or the Dan Canyon - they both just f-l-o-w so smoothly off the tongue - how could they not be just...perfect? I do hope you get some more rain, and that you grass grows - we're a bit better than last year (quite a bit), but we're still below normal rainfall.

CK, thanks for stopping by, and I'll email you my latest trauma in academia. Ugh. As for the more important stuff: lawn mowers. I've seen those - and tell your lawn mowing spouse to get one so he can tell me how well it works. I want self-propelled too. Right now, I'm just happy with a gas one that actually runs!

Kim, do you think the Grand Dan'yon could become a tourist attraction, and bring in a bit of income to the household? It might attract the same people that go to the mid-west to see that big giant ball of string (and no, I haven't seen it - but if I were near by, I have a feeling I'd go out of my way to do so).

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