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20 July 2008



I agree, people should NOT underestimate the power of baby steps. Would I like to install solar panels and a green roof on my built-in-1919 house and take myself off the grid, so to speak? Of course! But in the meantime I settle for things I can afford to do, like installing a programmable thermostat and keeping everything unplugged when I'm not using it to help keep my usage down.

(Okay, so I'd stay on the grid, and sell back my extra electricity to the electric co. to make up for the times when I don't make enough on my own and have to use theirs, but whatever.)

And definitely a big YES to lettuce grown throughout the winter. I'm trying that this year, but I'm not convinced that even my sunniest window will work... we'll see.


Hello-Last year I sent you an email with a pict of something I grow and have known as Monks Firespike-you expressed an interest in it-wonderful fall blooming salvia type perennial-4-5'tall-This weekend I found that Dream Gardens on Rivers Ave.,Chas has lots of it-George did not know the correct name either but he knows how to propagate it-big beautiful pots of it! This is the only time I have found it other than the original I purchased at the Gaillard Aud.probably 10 years ago.Get it! You will love it!

John B.

You said, "We can all do something here."

Yes. Case in point:



John B., PB&J! I love it. Definitely case in point. I just feel like folks find something to criticize in all of the environmental stuff - and almost use it as a reason to not do something. That drives me nuts.

Kim, while working on the 'new' yet to be constructed house, I've had to make (and am still making) lots of choices. Some sort of suck. But some fundamental stuff stays in - and you just decide. You can do everything - and I can't come close to affording what I want to do on my salary. But there are things I can do - rain barrels/cistern, etc - things that aren't crazy expensive that make awhole lot of sense. (I'll shut up now, or else I'll write a few pages here).

Luvs2Gro (Susan): Thanks so much for remembering that I liked that plant - I'll definitely have to go and take a look. Fun! Thank you.

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