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15 July 2008



Hello there,

What a beautifully presented BD post!

Flags and all, no less. I am usually too lazy to fill those in, but appreciate them as a reader.

Your Brown Turkey is ripe and unblemished. Mine are still unripe and already half-eaten by the dratted pigeons. Grrrrr.

I love the zinnia picture.

Raindrops on everything. Isn't it wonderful to have the heavens do our watering for us.

Nice to meet you.


When I finish the school thing, and have time and money, I hope you will 'consult' on our gardenal needs..........assuming your house is finished and the airstream sent back North.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

That first picture is stunning. Your garden seems to be having a great summer!
Thanks for joining in for bloom day.


Joco, thanks for stopping by, and it's a pleasure to meet you as well!

Agricola, I always enjoy helping someone else spend their money on plants - count me in.

Carol, thanks for hosting us. By the number of comments you have on bloom day, a whole bunch (herd!) of folks are participating now - I think that is great.

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