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12 July 2008


John B.

Welcome back.

The pic of the flamingos reminds me: wasn't there a discussion somewhere in these pages regarding your possible acquisition of some plastic flamingos to serve as yard ornaments for the Airstream? Just wondering if, in all your thinking about LEED standards, you enquired to see if plastic flamingos would upset that particular apple cart.


You haven't been properly welcomed home until your dog does it.
I like the Flamingo Gardens adoption plan.
I've always wanted a big bird in my garden. Wild turkeys roam through once in a while. I've considered it , but I don't think my neighbors would like a screaming peacock. We do see a big blue heron now and then. Flamingos are so exotic though.
Welcome back from vacationland to the real world.


John B, I don't think that LEED has anything written up (pro OR con) about the plastic flamingo. Nor do they mention that one should steer clear of the yard gnomes, or the large blow-up snow globes (that are simply BEGGING to be harnessed to the top of the Airstream for the holiday season...).

So, in other words: yeah, the Airstream does beg for something of that sort, doesn't it? Oh! One of my students sent me a link for a giant Yeti (a purchasable, caste in concrete Yeti).

Donna, it's nice to be back in the real world (or at least MY real world!) - a large bird wandering the estate does indeed sound nice. What about a spoonbill? They had ones that could not fly, and one - the rosey spoonbill, was quite entertaining.

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