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09 June 2008



Tee hee. At least it was only $12. I, too, would appreciate a break from thinking, but it's not in the offing. Actually, no--it's not the thinking--it's the juggling. It's all the other stuff that intrudes on the thinking.

Anyway, you must be looking forwards to escaping your duct-tape-and-piano-wire hovel for a new, LEEDS certified place. Hope it happens before the roof crashes down on you.

I keep reading about heat waves now, from Ontario to Texas, and now you in SC. Here in Montana, we're struggling to reach the 60 this week. I guess we can count ourselves lucky.


Kate: Yes, it's been horrible hot here - but it was a bit better today (only 90 degrees maybe?) - but it looks a bit warmer than normal through the weekend (it feels more like August than June!). And I too hope this place gets demolition and the house gets going soon - four-six weeks and it should get started.

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