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06 June 2008



What a treat to get to see Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed. She showed up at his concert here last month, just 2 days after they were married. I kick myself that it was impossible for me to go. However, I did catch her the last year (pre-Hugo) I was in Charleston, and it too was a Spoleto event.

Good luck with your house. Are you doing extensive renovations or is it a tear-down?


I hadn't realized that she had played Spoleto before - but it's not surprising. I didn't get to go to much this year - but I was glad that I got to see her - and honestly? I didn't know she was with Lou Reed. My friend and I were laughing at what geeks we were - because everyone around us knew.

As for the house stuff, it's a tear down.


Pam: Love the tiles from the recycled place. Great color choices!
54 years of marriage is quite a record. I hope your Dad is warmed by his memories. Sadness is inevitable.
How long will you actually live in the Airstream? I know this is a guesstimate as contractors always take thirty per cent longer than they tell you with the job.


Layanee, I don't know. One thing I like about the builder that I'll probably go with is that he doesn't have alot of projects going at once - and so his record of building is a bit quicker/more efficient. I'd love to get in after one year. That would be great (and yes, I know, a YEAR in an Airstream!).


I really wanted to plant some scarlet runner beans this year, but my usual places were sold out! Boo! Probably for the best, since the only place I have left is one large pot and no bed space!


Blues and greens in the recycled glass is indeed quite pretty. Does your brother have a garden? Just thinking about the dismantling of your mother's garden, and whether some of different things can end up living with the both of you...


Taylor, yeah - I don't think that scarlet runner beans would like a pot. I still haven't gotten mine in, and I'd better do it or it'll just be a silly thing to do!

Kim, my brother gardens in the northern part of Vermont - and yes, he'll be able to grow some of the peonies up there for sure. Since my parent's zone is definitely in the middle of the two of us, there are for sure things that he can grow (and I can't) and vice versa.

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