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04 May 2008


The County Clerk

Interesting quandary. I think "Introduce" is a good word to hang upon. Let us hope that the expectation is not to "Roundup" the whole property and start over... 'cause even THAT wouldn't work.

Love the bamboo.

The County Clerk

Also... if those LEED people begin to fry your nerves, I can certify you as... SOMETHING.

I've married people before. I imagine I can pronounce your house something. Hell, I can even get a nice (very nice) certificate made... calligraphy and everything. In fact, I'm thinking of certifying my own place.

I just need to come up with a good acronym.


I am trying to ignore yet another reference to one of my favorite plants, nandina, as being invasive. I'll just tell myself that they are vigorous.

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