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08 March 2008



Does this mean that you skipped your much-anticipated art walk? I love those leaves... and I have not noticed the spring fuzziness of my oakleaf hydrangea, either. I will make sure to keep an eye out for that--and whatever else I've been missing--this spring.


Now I need to check out my oak leaved hydrangeas in the next few weeks. What amazing photography, just lovely.


I hope all is well with your plants tonight and that nothing is disturbed by cold. These are the things that keep me nourished - watching plants emerging and growing in all their stages. There is something truly magical in seeing leaves unfurl and grow.

Your worm story made my day ... I found out that the sort of earthworms in the new bin can't survive our winters outdoors. I figured it would be great to add some to my outdoor compost pile, but not if I don't want them to die an opposite death to those that you had inherited.

Annie in Austin

We had a light freeze last night but today was perfect for clipping and weeding...all good to do, but tomorrow I'll follow your example and look for emerging leaves. We don't have Oak Leaf Hydrangea, but there might be pomegranate.

I hope you can stay balanced as you walk the edge of chaos, Pam - your life has so many crosswinds buffeting you as you try to move forward. Good luck at keeping your center of gravity low.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose


It is indeed easy to be distracted by the color of spring blooms and fail to see what is happening on other levels.

Keep your sails trimmed in this wind.


We endured a dark, rainy (3.32")and very windy night and while it was cold, there was nothing emerging for that to bother. I hope you weathered the chill. Was it a two dog night?


Kim, no - I made it to artwalk, it was the evening before. And do look for those little leaves, very white, very fuzzy!

Thank you Melanie.

Kate, you now have HUGE worm responsibilities...and everything seems to have fared pretty well, we hoovered right around the freezing mark.

Annie, some days it does seem to be coming at me from about every direction. I'm grateful that it is spring, something positive to escape in to.

Thanks Les.

Layanee, yes - it was definitely a two dog night. One little 42-lb bundle of kinetic energy and another soft and furry!

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